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Product Image Convergence (2015) #0 Daniel Variant

Convergence (2015) #0 Daniel Variant

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(W) Dan Jurgens, Jeff King (A) Ethan Van (CA) Darwyn Cooke
Where do worlds go when they die?
The Earthquakes felt round the Multiverse, Superman's lost days after "Doomed," the World's End - all these points will converge as the history of the DCU is spun from a new perspective, the perspective of a mad god and his arrogant child. The biggest story in DC history ties into literally every DC story ever told - and it all begins here.
Kingdom Come, Red Son, Wild West Justice League, Captain Carrot and the Zoo Crew - all the worlds you remember can still be found on Telos. Everything matters. Every story matters.  
Don't miss the start of DC's April/May 2015 event with this special issue!