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Oni Press

An American independent comic book publisher based in Portland, Oregon. It was founded in 1997 by Bob Schreck and Joe Nozemack with the goal of publishing the kinds of comics and graphic novels they themselves would want to read. Unsatisfied with the material that was dominating the industry, they believed firmly that sequential art could be used to tell virtually any story. Schreck left the company in 1999, and Oni Press is now owned solely by Nozemack.

The company name derives from oni, the Japanese word for the devils or demons popular in Japanese folklore.

Oni Press used the term "real mainstream," coined by Stephen Holland of the UK comic shop Page 45, to describe its output. Traditional American comic books regard superhero titles as "mainstream" and all other genres as "non-mainstream", a reversal of the perception in other media. Oni Press therefore adopted the "real mainstream" term to suggest that it publishes comic books and graphic novels whose subject matter is more in line with the popular genres of other media: thrillers, romances, realistic drama and so on. For the most part, Oni Press avoids publishing superhero titles, unless interesting creators approach these concepts from an unusual angle.